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Littmann® Stethoscopes

Hear the difference
An internal 3M test showed that heart sounds heard through the adult diaphragm of a Littmann stethoscope were more than four times louder than the same sounds heard through a different brand of stethoscope. Hold any stethoscope by its headset; let it hang vertically, any kinks or bends? This indicates stiff tubing which can pull on eartips. Littmann stethoscope tubing hangs straight; it flexes easily as you examine a patient. Littmann stethoscope eartubes are symmetrical for ideal eartip seal and comfort. The headset should be adjustable for individual fit and comfort, easily adjusted by gently squeezing the eartubes together to increase tension, or pulling them apart to decrease tension.

Feel the difference
Run your fingers over the Littmann stethoscope snap tight eartips. They’re smooth to seal comfortably inside your ears without irritation. Now try to pull one off the eartube. The eartips really do snap tight for maximum acoustic performance and safety. Finally, feel the weight. Littmann stethoscopes are designed to feel light and comfortable when draped around your neck or carried in a pocket.