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Personal care : Back & neck supports
Medesign Backfriend Single Padded, Sienna

Medesign Backfriend Single Padded, Sienna

Medesign Backfriend Single Padded, Sienna
  The Medesign Backfriend - Single padded - Sienna
  • Unique rigid structure with dense foam covering for added comfort
  • Anatomically correct seat and back section
  • Folding hinges that join the seat and back allow Backfriend to be moved around with ease
  • Backfriend is ideal for use in the car, providing better support than most car seats alone
  • Available with an extra deep foam covering and in a wide range of colours
  • Hardwearing woven upholstery
Backfriend has been the most popular combined seat and back support for 20 years.  The anatomically shaped rigid structure aligns the spine and seating posture in the correct position, easing existing back conditions and helping prevent future problems occurring.  Backfriend is versatile and can be used in any seat, be it in the home, in the car or office.

Medesign Backfriend Single Padded, Sienna
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